Payment Processing Solutions For Credit Unions

Proudly Serving Credit Unions and Their Members

Merchant Services Solutions That Will Build Loyalty and Strengthen Relationships with Your Business Members.

Count on us to provide your customers with a dedicated and experienced representative to assist with all their merchant services needs. Our focus is to address every inquiry with fast, responsive, personal service that exceeds expectations. At Thrive, our number one priority is to make your life easier and your customers happy – 100% of the time. Simple as that.

Do a good deed today – give us 10 minutes of your time and we’ll donate $100 to your favorite charity.

We believe we can improve the merchant services your commercial clients receive, which makes for happier customers and more revenue for your institution. Give us 10 minutes to explain our program on the phone or in person and we’ll donate $100 to your favorite 501(c) charity.

Differentiating your bank from other financial institutions is a unique challenge. At Thrive, we will help you stand out with our unique set of payment solutions with better options, greater flexibility, and enhanced security, all of which are backed with service excellence.

Our roots go back to 1980, through our Primax business unit and our parent company’s management of New England Bankcard Association. Serving the community financial institution market is in our “DNA”.

Partner with Thrive for Merchant Services

When you partner with Thrive, your business customers receive honest, transparent pricing and a service culture that treats them as you would.

Our merchant services program offers:

  • Flexible, custom partnerships with your financial institution – we’ll design a program that works best for your sales culture and business banking structure
  • Relationship-based service culture – all financial institutions and merchants have a personal service representative
  • Multiple system platform options to accommodate a vast array of POS systems and products
  • Mobile, wireless, e-commerce and VAR solutions
  • “Concierge” data security support for business customers – each merchant can receive a free 30-minute consultation with our IT services partner to help with PCI compliance
  • Tokenized and point-to-point encryption POS solutions to limit PCI compliance scope
  • Honest, transparent fee structure
  • Rapid underwriting process
  • Robust online reporting and PCI compliance tools
  • Revenue sharing for your financial institution

Here are some features Thrive provides for banks directly:

  • Secure branch cash advances – Tokenized, encrypted and EMV®-chip enabled branch cash advances built for today’s technology driven world. Security is the name of the game and our branch solution insures secure cash advance processing.
  • Flexible online account funding – Enabling your customers to open an account with an initial deposit driven by using a credit or debit card. We can support most major providers of online deposit account funding. Where there are options, there are happier customers. A win for any financial institution.


Call us today to discuss how we can bring a refreshing change to your merchant services program!