Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems
Countertop Devices
Web Portals
Mobile Solutions
Payment Gateways
Tap-on-Phone (SoftPOS)
Tap-on-Phone (SoftPOS)

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

Ease of Use

Work faster, smarter, and more efficiently with user-friendly interfaces, simple setup, ongoing support and hardware solutions – countertop and mobile – designed to fit your needs, your location, and your budget.

Safe & Secure

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) and cloud-based technology protects cardholder data and your business.

Flexible Solutions

Explore a myriad of features, including powerful analytics tools to gain real-time insights into inventory, employee management, scheduling, and sales trends.

Leverage industry-leading technology with integrated payment functionality to manage your business operations from inventory to reporting and everything in-between.

Point of sale

“We are pleased with how successful the merchant services program has developed.”

Countertop Devices

Counter Top

“As a small business owner, Thrive has provided me with great service and a lot of savings. “

Small, but mighty performance-packed terminals.

Rooted in Security

Armed with the latest industry security standards and technologies, you can feel comfortable that your customers’ transactions are in good hands.

Brains & Beauty

Elegant, compact, and portable, the countertop devices offer HD touchscreen interface, high-speed thermal printers, and high-capacity batteries.


Tethered or un-tethered, these devices can utilize WiFi, Bluetooth, and mobile 4G LTE for added flexibility.

Web Portals


Turn your own computer – laptop or desktop – or tablet into a card terminal to accept card present or card not present transactions safely and securely.

Simple, Yet Sophisticated

Discover diverse functionality carefully curated to maximize your business like: reporting options, remote billing, and automatic card updater features.

Peace of Mind Protection

Leverage a cloud-based environment utilizing tokenization to secure cardholder data

No need for a device? No problem. Enter virtual terminals. A hardware-free way to accept and track payments on your computer or tablet using simple web browser-based access.

web portal

“It helps to have a company that can navigate the payment infrastructure and has the appropriate contacts.”

Mobile Solutions


“Thrive Payments has done an excellent job communicating and providing information for various projects throughout the years.”

The power of a POS in the palm of your hand. With no shortage of secure, sophisticated features and functionality, fully mobile solutions make it a snap to accept payments and manage your business.


Using a mobile POS solution has never been easier or more attainable as they are compatible with most iOS, Android, or Amazon devices.

Powerful Web-Based Dashboard

Your one stop shop for a myriad of advanced transaction, refund, inventory, reporting, and management tools.

Streamlined & Secure Business

Accept recurring payments using tokenized cardholder data and digital invoicing to allow your customers to pay with just a few simple clicks.

Payment Gateways

Secure Recurring Payments

Accept recurring payments by using tokenized cardholder data from prior transactions without having to store or secure it.

Fraud Prevention

Extra protection from fraudulent transactions using rule-based parameters.

Seamless Web Integration

Simple and efficient integration into an existing website through APIs or single click offerings

Streamline Business

Robust capabilities like Level III processing and digital invoicing allows customers to pay with just a few clicks. Get connected and get back to doing what you love.  

Make payments easy, secure, and hassle-free with a feature-packed payment gateway. Multiple gateway options are at the ready to accommodate a vast array of payment environments.


“Thrive Payments took the time to come in person and explain all options and find the best rate and solution for us.”

Tap-on-Phone (SoftPOS)

Tap to Pay

“Thrive Payments has an amazing team! They provide hands-on support to our bank and we hear rave reviews from our customers on the great experience they receive.”

Power in the palm of your hand.

Contactless Advantage

Provide customers with a frictionless payment experience and boost efficiencies, satisfaction, and frequency of purchase.

Flexibility & Freedom

Accept payments anywhere, anytime with any Android mobile device. Say ‘goodbye’ to additional hardware and software and simplify your payment acceptance model with a single tap.

State-of-the-Art Innovation

Bridging the gap between traditional payment methods and those of the future, SoftPOS technology boasts security, simplicity, and intuitive functionality and design. Use alone or as a business continuity option in the event your primary payment acceptance method fails. With a completely digital and user-friendly on-boarding experience, your SoftPOS will be deployed and ready to accept payments in minutes.

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