Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below, contact us with any questions that you cannot find.

When are funds deposited into my business checking account?

There are many factors that contribute to your deposit time. The typical time period is two business days after your batch is closed.

How do I generate a detail report from a previous day after settling out the batch? How do I obtain a copy of my merchant statements, transaction information or previous funding?

Our online tool, AccessOne, allows you to access 18 months of transactions. You can also use this online tool to view and print your current and past merchant statements.

Why does my POS system ask me to verify the address of the cardholder and the code on the back of the card?

Address Verification Services (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CVV) are features on your POS system that will not only help you qualify for a better rate with Visa and MasterCard but also protect from fraud related losses.

What is an interchange rate and how do I lower my interchange rate?

These are rates charged directly by MasterCard, Visa and Discover to process credit card and debit card transactions. To receive the lowest interchange rate possible, MasterCard and Visa sometimes require additional information to be entered when processing certain transactions. For example, if you accept a transaction by phone, you should enter the order number and request address verification to receive the best interchange rate possible. Batches should be settled daily, batches left open more than 24 hours can cause a higher interchange rate. If you would like to activate or verify prompts, please call us.

On my Vx-520 terminal, it displays “keyboard locked”. How do I unlock it?

Press the number 8 key, it will ask you for a password. Enter in 1 alpha alpha 66831, and press enter. It will display “Keyboard Lock”? Press the button next to “No”.

What does “invalid merchant number” mean as a response when processing a sale?

Invalid merchant number response means that you are trying to process a credit card transaction on a card type that you are not currently setup to accept. For example, if you are not setup for American Express and you attempt to process an American Express card, you will receive an error code of “invalid merchant number”. You will need to press clear and ask for another form of payment. We recommend calling us to establish access on your merchant account for that type of card.

On my Vx-520 Terminal the screen is displaying “CommServer” and “SoftPay”, or “Press F3 Button” What should I do?

Simply press the F3 button located to the right of the word “SoftPay” or “Press F3 Button”. This will bring you back to your sale, refund, void screen to process transactions as usual.

I am receiving a communication error, such as “comm error” or “no line”, when processing credit cards on my dial line. What can I try?

If you are having difficulty downloading or submitting transactions, please check the following:

Confirm that the phone cord is plugged into the correct port of the credit card terminal and in the wall jack or splitter. Plug a regular phone into the wall jack or splitter to ensure there is a dial tone.
Move the terminal to another wall jack or phone line and reattempt the communication.
Make sure the call waiting feature is disabled with your phone company, as that can interrupt the communication.

I am receiving a communication error when processing credit cards on my IP line. What can I try?

If you are having difficulty downloading or submitting transactions, please check the following:

Verify that the cables are securely connected to the port on the terminal and the router.
Try rebooting your router and/or terminal.
Disconnect the power cable to the terminal and router.
Unplug the internet cable that is connected to the Equipment.
Wait approximately 30 seconds. Reconnect the cables and the power on the devices from the wall to the terminal.
Allow 60 seconds for the terminal application to reboot and establish a connection with the router.
If your establishment uses the same router to connect to a PC, you should attempt to visit a website to verify that the router is working properly.

If a credit card declines, should I keep trying to run the same card?

No, if you card declines, you want to ask for another form of payment otherwise, you are increasing your risk of a chargeback.

Why am I receiving emails from Clover Security?

Clover Security is a 3rd party vendor (through First Data, our processor) who tracks, monitors and assists with your PCI. If you receive an email from Clover Security, it is a safe source but always feel free to contact support should you be concerned.

Why is PCI DSS (PCI Compliance) important and necessary?

The main purpose of the PCI DSS is to reduce the risk of debit and credit card data loss (chargebacks). It suggests how this could be prevented, detected, and how to react if potential data breaches occur. It provides protection for both merchants and cardholders. It’s important for customers to know your website and how you process transactions is secure.

If I have a problem, do I have to call in?

No, you do not have to call in. We are also available via email In the event of an emergency (you are unable to process transactions), it is also best to call into the help line.

I run credit cards using a software vendor ie. NCR, Aloha, Micros and am having issues processing, what should I do?

Your first course of action would be to reach out to your software vendor to see if they are having any issues with their systems. If not, contact Thrive Payments for assistance.

I use the Apriva mobile product or Payeezy virtual terminal and have a quick question, is there a direct number to them?

Yes, Apriva’s contact phone# is 866-277-4828 & Payeezy is 855-448-3493